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Exclusive Flights, Group Bookings & Engagement Proposals

Book the Whole Helicopter for up to 6 people (1 seat free)

This option allows you have exclusive use of the Bell 206 L4 LongRanger helicopter which seats up to 6 passengers. This includes one co-pilot seat in the cockpit and a further five seats in the main passenger compartment (depending on individual passenger weights), making the helicopter ride more private or more fun whilst receiving a discount of one standard seat.

Being ‘the best seat in the house’ the co-pilot seat is normally allocated to your ‘navigator’ (who knows the route you may wish to take), or the ‘special occasion’ person. This passenger is the only one in direct communication with the pilot, wearing a headset throughout the flight. The co-pilot seat offers a superb panoramic views whilst listening to Air Traffic Control and watching the pilot operate the controls. Sitting upfront with the pilot truly makes the co-pilot passenger feel really important.

By prior arrangement, passengers on a group helicopter flight may request an area to fly over as long as time and flying conditions permit and it does not contravene air law.

The group booking is an ideal way to take aerial photographs of your own property, business premises, or favourite beauty spot, celebrate a family occasion, or hold a unique children’s party! It is very popular for stag and hen bashes or even a surprise for the bride and groom to coincide with wedding celebrations. It also makes a fantastic family Christmas present, whereby you can present the individual gift packs on Christmas Day and then plan a family day out. Easy to arrange and provides 6 presents in one phone call or a click of a button!

Taking over the whole helicopter is ideal for an Engagement Proposal in private with a difference. Arrange a flight which your partner could know about but then as the helicopter comes into land the ground crew will have positioned a ‘Marry Me?’ banner on the ground to prompt the question. A very popular and memorable option and one which has never failed to prompt the required response in over 20 years of pleasure flying!